U.S. Firmly Anti-Kyoto

I am deeply ashamed that my country, should international efforts to address climate change prove to be inadequate, will go down in history as the empire that killed the Earth and civilization. Shame on the United States.
U.S. Firmly Anti-Kyoto as U.N. Climate Talks Start
The United States showed no signs of budging in its opposition to the Kyoto protocol Monday as U.N. climate change talks began, a month after President Bush's reelection and Russia's ratification of the agreement. The U.S. government said it had “chosen a different path” from Kyoto, but vowed to work against global warming by slowing greenhouse gas emissions, investing in climate science and technology and cooperating internationally.

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  1. Polly Wolly says:

    Can I throw this into the forum re climate change? Do we suppose that we as a human race are totally to blame for the state of the climate? Should we not consider other factors such as how the axis of the earth changes and how the orbit of the sun also changes from circular to eliptical over a period of thousands of years? I don't belive that we are solely responsible. However, as a world we should be doing all we can to help reduce the effects of so-called greenhouse gases. Maybe we should stop tearing trees and rainforests down at the rate we are. These very trees will help save us and the fact that large portions of rain forests have been chopped is a big factor in climate change.

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