U.S. to Emphasize Climate Change Adaptation

What do you do when your industry and the government you control is found to be changing the climate, threatening the existence of humanity and the Earth? Well first you fight to discredit the overwhelming science that shows your culpability. And then as this obstruction starts yielding diminishing returns, you indicate it is too late to do anything anyway. So you treacherously change course, saying now we simply must learn to adapt to changing climate.
This is not to suggest that adaptation will not be neccessary and is unimportant, but with the full extent of climate change yet unclear, it is morally wrong if not evil to not work concurrently to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and transition to renewable energy resources. And even worse to turn your back on international accords you once brokered.
The oil and coal industries and their U.S. government vassals are guilty of crimes against all of humanity. For their short term economic and politic profiteering, they are willing to risk destroying the global atmopshere. These are really bad people.
VOA News – US Plans to Emphasize Climate Change Adaptation at Upcoming Conference
U.S. climate experts are preparing for a United Nations conference on global climate change, set to begin Monday in Buenos Aires, Argentina… Mr. Watson told reporters that the United States is eager to discuss adaptation. Adaptation measures would include helping countries develop plans for coastal management, water resources and agriculture, in order to adjust to the impact of climate change.

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