Flushing Forests Down the Toilet

A new campaign implicates Kimberly-Clark's Kleenex brand in ancient forest destruction, noting continued reliance on paper and pulp made from clearcut ancient and other endangered forests, including Canada Boreal forest (http://www.kleercut.net/en/). Paper production and consumption worldwide have enormous negative environmental impacts. The industry is the third largest generator of global warming pollution, the world's largest user of fresh water and amongst the largest users of energy.

Paraphrasing the wonderful campaign backgrounder below, the paper industry destroys natural forests that are essential for clean air and water, the atmosphere's chemistry, wildlife habitat, indigenous cultures, spiritual inspiration and recreation. Instead of using trees harvested from biologically essential forest habitat, tissue paper products can be made from ecologically superior post-consumer recycled materials or agricultural waste. Fortunately, forest-friendly alternatives to virgin fiber tissue products do exist. These products, which contain post-consumer recycled fibers, are of comparable quality and price to virgin fiber products and are now available in many groceries, supermarkets, health food and corner stores.
I have long been furious that the pampered American consumer considers it their birthright to wipe their porcelain like, and oh so sensitive, posterior end with chopped up ancient forests. As consumer demand for forest friendly tissue products grows, so will their supply and availability. It is essential that you, I and all of society become accustomed to buying toilet paper and other paper products that are made of 100% post-consumer recycled or other natural forest free fibers. What the rich are doing now in terms of meeting sanitary needs with ancient forests is short-sighted, stupid and evil.

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