Groups Unite to Oppose Congo Rainforest Logging Expansion

In a major development, leading international conservation, environmental, indigenous and development organizations have united to oppose expansion of industrial logging in the Congo rainforest – the second largest rainforests remaining. This is perhaps the rainforest struggle of the decade. If industrial logging is allowed to expand haphazardly through World Bank subsidies, this massive ecosystem engine – responsible for climate, hydrology, soils, biodiversity and meeting local development needs – will cease to exist as a large, operable whole. This will have tragic consequences for local peoples and the World at large. The alert at has been updated to reflect hard fought and rare agreement amongst all conservation interests that current plans to expand logging in the Congo are unacceptable. The unprecedented joint declaration can be found at: (and you may want to check out the “Raiders of the Lost Bark” online game which skewers Congo rainforest logging plans at ). Our and other's critiques of the big conservation organization's embrace of reformed industrial logging seems to have borne some fruit, as even WWF has gone against the World Bank on this one. Maybe, just maybe, there is hope for the Panda after all. We shall see.

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