Glen Canyon Revealed

The drought in the Western U.S. is having an unforeseen benefit – the marvelous Glen Canyon of the Colorado River is being once again exposed. In a criminal act of ecological madness, the marvelous canyon was lost as the river was dammed (and damned).
Drought Unearths a Buried Treasure
In the early 1960's, the nation's environmental movement cut its baby teeth on a fierce battle to stop construction of dams along the Colorado River. Two proposed dams were never built, but Glen Canyon dam, located in an unprotected area, was completed in 1963. Over the next 17 years, water backed up for 186 miles, forming Lake Powell and inundating Glen Canyon and hundreds of miles of side canyons… Glen Canyon is returning. It is open and viewable in much of its former glory.
P.S. I am back after taking time to raise money to keep this effort afloat.

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