VICTORY: Drilling in Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front Blocked

In a stunning victory, the U.S. federal government will no longer consider drilling for natural gas along Montana's Rocky Mountain front. The Front, which stretches about 100 miles along the eastern Rockies, is home to grizzly bears, elk, bighorn sheep and other wildlife. Over 99% of the 50,000 comments submitted by the public were against the drilling, several thousand of which were generated by the network. Local organizing was magnificent, and national and international support overwhelming. Of course, it is possible if not likely that the drilling issue could be revisited, and this is why we must continue to work for establishment of long-term protection for the area and others like it. Across the American West, extraction of natural gas and coal is soaring. This development threatens to eliminate many of America's last great wildlands, while prolonging the era of fossil fuel dependence and resultant climate diminishment. Indeed, there must be an ironclad agreement that the Front and other forest wildernesses are off-limits to industrial development forever. Thank you for participating in this and other alerts from

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