Brazilian Amazon Threatened by Myth of “Sustainable Forestry”

The vicious myth of sustainable old-growth forestry is being perpetuated by the WWFs and World Banks of the world. They are the unnamed forces behind the following account of efforts to privatize the Brazilian Amazon. The Brazilian Amazon's very survival as a life-generating force is threatened by the fallacy that primary rainforest wilderness can and should be “sustainably” logged.
Inconveniently for those making the case to log the world's last large wilderness areas is that fact that there is NO scientific evidence to support the idea that old-growth forests can be ecologically sustainably harvested. None whatsoever. In fact, what these groups are claiming is that since all these forests are going to be logged, cleared, and burned anyway, that the best we can hope to do is make them into tree farms. And that is what they will become.

First time logging of old-growth irreparably diminishes its ecological integrity; skewing species assemblages, and making for depauperate, sick and humanized forest landscapes. Follow on harvests further homogenize previously ancient natural forests into plantations. Timber is sustained. Forest ecosystems are not. Indigenous peoples' cultures and their habitats are smashed in the name of feel good conservation blarney.
Perhaps we could cut a few panels from the Mona Lisa to sell as a fund-raiser for its maintenance? The point is that beauty, truth and ecological values lie in the whole, large and intact forest, not in individual trees.
Those that follow the WWF/World Bank's coalition of the ecologically challenged are engaged in crimes against humanity and the Earth. demands an internal review of the World Bank/WWF coalition's efforts to promote industrial logging in the World's last old-growth forests, to include a full review of the ecological literature. Community based eco-forestry and protection is the only viable option to maintain large forests required for global and local ecological sustainability. Don't support the coalition's lies.

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