Russia’s Kyoto Ratification Imminent

Start chilling the bubbly – the Kyoto Treaty is highly likely to soon enter into force! Imperfect and incomplete as it is, the treaty represents the first international mechanism to regulate greenhouse gases, and took over 10 years to negotiate. There is really no other international effort anywhere near being ready to implement, and this framework can and will be strengthened and expanded. This is great news for the World's peoples, forests and atmosphere.
Russia warms to Kyoto ratification
The Russian government says it will discuss ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on global climate change to which Moscow holds the key. President Vladimir Putin has ordered ministers to approve the pact, which aims to stabilise emissions of greenhouse gases, and Thursday's government session seems likely to be a formality before the pact goes to a Kremlin dominated parliament.
P.S. Meanwhile America's position on climate change remains abysmal

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