Victoria’s Got a Secret

Victoria's Secret – the high-end lingerie company – mails one of the largest and most influential catalogs. They are also a leader in forest destruction. The company mails out more than 395 million catalogs a year, many derived from ancient Canadian Boreal and dwindling natural Southern US forests. They use little recycled papers, and have no commitment to protected endangered forests. Forest Ethics is launching a new campaign based upon the premise that Victoria's Secret and the catalog industry can no longer turn a blind eye to the ways their consumption and unsustainable practices are destroying Endangered Forests. Please get involved early in this exciting new campaign – details are below.
Title: Did you know that Victoria's Got a Secret?
Victoria's Secret is destroying the world's last Endangered
Source: Forest Ethics
Date: September 22, 2004
Get involved now! Together we can stop our endangered forests from ending up in mailboxes around the world.
Victoria's Dirty Secret
Victoria's Secret, despite their advertising image, is no angel when it comes to our forests. Victoria's Secret is one of the largest, most recognizable, and most influential catalogs in the industry and a leader in forest destruction. The company mails out more than 395 million catalogs a year and operates 1,000 stores across the U.S. Instead of using its leadership to challenge the logging industry's destructive practices, Victoria's Secret uses hardly any recycled paper and refuses to make a real commitment to protect Endangered Forests.
Acre after acre of the Canadian Boreal and Southern US forests are being cut down for Victoria's Secret. The Canadian Boreal is home to a quarter of the worlds remaining intact forest; it is the nesting ground for billions of North America's migratory birds, home to the caribou and grizzly bears, and one of the worlds greatest carbon storehouses. The Southern US is producing 15% of the world's paper; approximately 6 million acres of the South's forests are logged every year, primarily to make paper. This paper industry is driving the destruction of Southern US forests and the conversion of forests and wetlands to intensively managed tree farms.
ForestEthics has been meeting with Victoria's Secret, demanding that they come up with a new environmental policy that will actually make a difference and get Victoria's Secret out of Endangered Forests. But so far, Victoria's Secret has taken some small steps forward, but continues to buy massive amounts of pulp from areas in the Southern US and Canada that simply should never be logged.
After forest activists campaigned for over three years in the office supply industry, there were huge environmental shifts in corporations like Staples and Office Depot. Both agreed to stop selling paper from Endangered Forests and to significantly increase the average post-consumer recycled paper they sell. After such a huge shift in the office supply industry, Victoria's Secret and the catalog industry can no longer turn a blind eye to the ways their consumption and unsustainable practices are destroying Endangered Forests.
We are calling on Victoria's Secret to:
. End purchases from any company that is not identifying and halting logging in Endangered Forests in the Canadian Boreal;
. Maximize post-consumer recycled fiber in catalogs (achieve 50% post-consumer recycled in five years);
. Ensure that all suppliers are shifting to Forest Stewardship Council certification;
. End the use of any forest products sourced from other endangered forests, like key areas of the Southern U.S.
Get involved! We will only save the endangered forests from Victoria's Secret's destruction with a large widespread grassroots coalition like in the successful efforts on Staples and Office Depot.
Activists and groups will be holding local actions throughout the fall to pressure Victoria's Secret. Join in these efforts by bringing together your local group, a set of activists or even a bunch of friends to have a rally, call-in day, postcarding event, etc., etc.. In a campaign against Victoria's Secret, the possibilities for creative events are endless! There will also be an international day of action during the winter holidays, Victoria's Secret biggest time of the year, so start thinking about that! There will be more info about getting involved at:, which will be up soon.
Contact us immediately to get involved. We can help you plan an event, send you an action packet, and send you materials and information about the campaign. Please let us know that you're planning an event so we can track where actions are happening.
It's time to convince Victoria's Secret to stop destroying our forests!
Soon our new website will be up and running at

For More Info:
Joshua Martin,, 828-251-1184
Shana Ortman,, 415-863-4563 ext. 302
Liz Butler,, 301-864-3244

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  1. David says:

    One of my personal axes to grind is that the City of Victoria, B.C. continues practice of piping raw, untreated sewage into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, waters shared by Puget Sound. While we can make great proclamations in placing orca whale pods on the endangered list, what impact will that have until we turn up the heat on our nearest neighbor to stop dumping their untreated waste and garbage into the very waters the whales (and others) need to survive? It is unconscionable, and I refuse to visit Victoria again. See the latest Seattle PI article on the subject:

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