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  1. Mark I. Gatewood says:

    Global Warming – The sky is falling, Global Thinking
    by Mark I. Gatewood
    Is it just me or is it hot in here? Or the real question is: is it just me or am I the only person that can see the truth about “Global Warming”. I don't want to start out making this a tirade about some environmental issue, but surly someone else besides myself must realize we live in a closed box.
    Sadly to say, we (the human race) are like sheep on plain of grass, feeding with our heads down. We depend way too much on “scientific” authority to guide us on environmental issues. I can remember from Jr. High School science that the Earth is nearing the end of a long term “Ice Age”. The fact is that we live near a gigantic ball of burning gas that is slowly cooking our world (literally.) I am more conscious about how we treat our environment than probably most people. But let’s be real here. While CFCs and other “greenhouse gases” may contribute to a depleted ozone layer, arguing the affects these gases is asinine. Think of throwing a lit match into a burning house. Does it make a difference? Scientifically and mathematically it technically must have some affect. Now, suppose man kind never walked the face of the earth to create those pesky greenhouse gases or to release Chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere. Psssst…. Guess what, the Sun is still warming the Earth no matter what we do.
    I don't need some scientist with a political agenda to sound alarms about the Earth. I only have to walk outside and feel the heat and look up at the Sun to know what is happening. Now the real deal is that we are at the END of the Ice Age. Not a thousand years from now, not hundreds of years from now, NOW. Like it or not. Any 5th grader with an internet access can tell you that there have been more record setting climatological changes in the past 15 years than there has been in the past hundreds of years. Why is that? The reason is that the closer we get to the end of the Earth's Ice Age, the faster the process will accelerate. The simple explanation of this is that the faster the Earth heats up, the faster it will heat up.
    The problem with Earth Science is that you “Can't see the Forest for the trees”. Sure we have individual scientists, Meteorologists, Volcanologists, Seismologists, Oceanographers, Biologists and every other kind of “ologist”. All these people do is tell what their specialty is and historically how global warming is affected their field. As of this writing, I have not heard a single person put it all together. Everyone focuses on some microclimatological change caused by global warming. The fact is, it is all connected. It was not coincidence that we had one of the largest Tsunamis ever just a couple of years back. It has been reported to have been a 9.3 on the Richter Scale. It was the second largest Earthquake EVER recorded. Just for impact here, not ONE of the largest, it was THE second largest. As an example, the Great Earthquake in San Francisco of 1906 was 8.0 on the Richter Scale. The energy release during this Earthquake was equal to about 1 Gigaton of TNT explosives. By comparison, moving up the Richter Scale to 9.3 for the Indian Ocean Earthquake / Tsunami of 2004, the energy released in this quake exceeded 32 Gigatons of TNT explosives. Most people can figure how much larger 32 is than 1. The Richter Scale stops at 10.0. The amount of energy released in a level 10 Earthquake is mind boggling.
    It was surprising that two back-to-back Category 5 Hurricanes hit the U.S. Gulf Coast in two weeks time. And of course, how many people realize the significance of the Category 5 Cyclone to hit the Northern coast of Australia? Wow, three of the strongest storms ever all at the same time. You don’t see that very often. But you better get used to it. It is the way things are to be.
    The bottom line is that true global warming is accelerating. It is not just affecting one hurricane, earthquake or tornado.
    What this really means to us, as human beings, is that we will see first hand, the results of the ending Ice Age. Not future generations. This generation. Me. My kids. Their kids.
    By taking a full view of the Earth you can see that it is a closed environment with a hot, liquid center. The heat from the Sun MUST heat the Earth also. It is not possible for the heat from the sun to travel 93,000,000 miles only to stop for the convenience of Humans. The heat is here. The heat is absorbed by the Earth. Period. More heat means melting of the polar ice caps and more heat is absorbed INTO the Earth. It is obvious that small changes in the oceans temperatures and the atmosphere are clearly affecting atmospheric weather phenomena (wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, etc.). That is what is on the surface. Guess What? The heat is transferring inside the Earths Core. Guess what? More heat in the Earth’s core mean the hot liquid center will boil more. Just like watching melted chocolate or spaghetti sauce simmering. On Earth we call this affect “Earthquakes” and “Volcanos”. Can you say “V O L C A N O” boys and girls? Sure, I thought you could.
    Maybe the governments have censored the scientific leaders from causing panic and stopped them from telling the citizens what is really happening. (I don’t believe that though.) What I do know, and YOU know is that the physical environmental effects are NOW. We all saw it on CNN. And, its not over. It’s not going to be over.
    We have seen the changes over the years. Droughts, increased skin cancer, shrinking glaciers. We see the surface changes in the form of Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Cyclones. We feel it more than ever in EXTREME Earthquakes. And now we will experience it in the form of more Earthquakes and Volcanoes. That is the affect of heat building up from the outside in. The heat is building up from the upper atmosphere, to the surface and oceans, to the Earths crust and to the Earths core.
    The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami was the effect of an Earthquake but not the actual quake. We will see very strong Earthquakes in all parts of the world, even where there has been no activity for long periods. The Earth’s temperature changes will cause changes in the jet stream, causing more Hurricanes, Cyclones and Tornadoes.
    We could get past Earthquakes; we can rebuild the boxes we live in. We can get past floods and Tsunamis; we should be smart enough to live on higher ground.
    Without a doubt, Volcanoes are coming. (Of course they are already here, but they will increase in activity and size.) The potential effects of a large Volcano can end the human race. In January of 2006 I wrote a personal note to myself. I predict that a large Volcano with a global affect and/or a large Earthquake in the U.S.A. will occur by November 1, 2006. I don't know much about Volcanos but I think that a big one will occur soon with worldwide impact on the atmosphere. I think there will be a devasting Earthquake somewhere like California, Japan or Arkansas with a 7+ magnitude causing enough damage that could potentially wipe out the city it hits. A devastating Earthquake / Tsunami in the Pacific would spell doom for West Coast Cities. There is no scientific basis for this, I just am using my own observations because I am smart, I have a brain and I can see.
    Long before we overheat from “Global Warming”, the nuclear winter caused by Volcanoes will cause pandemic famine and starvation.
    On a hopefully less witty side of this essay, it should be apparent now that we live in a very fragile environment.
    I think the days of society worrying about nuclear war, disease and famine will soon be beyond us. The Earth is changing in front of our very eyes. We can’t stop it, We can’t slow it down.
    I don’t really worry myself about what is coming. Some people just cannot handle knowing what is really happening. I am OK with that too. I just happen to be able to think for myself and don’t need any expert to tell me what I can see in front of my face.
    So where do we go from here? Well, heck, I doubt I would live to be a hundred and fifty anyway. My end is coming. I, for one, intend to walk around just like the rest of the human beings and pretend everything is ok and live life day to day. I hope to live to be at least 85 years old. You should do the same. If you a really worried about it then read the bible, Romans 10:9,10:13.
    I mainly just wanted to write this essay because I am tired of hearing educated people give their microscopic opinions of one phenomena or another when they should be looking at the big picture.
    I am not too interested in rain gauges, seismographs and Fujita Scales. We are way past observing how intense some event was or creating science to predict the next event. Hey, the world is coming to an end, get over it.
    Feel free to email me if you have any thoughts you would like to share.

  2. Noa Otto says:

    very true!!!

  3. Terry Glad says:

    The prolonged drought we have been experiencing in Southern California poses more of a threat than just water shortages or wildfire danger. Artificial irrigation manages to make everything appearing green and lush, but the earth is bone dry at very deep levels and easily susceptible to cracking into fissures; even mild earthquakes could set off water main breaks, disastrous sewage spills, geyers, cliffs crumbling right into the sea, and of course the inevitable, I believe, series of tsunamis that will hit the western coastline. San Diego county is over 7 inches below normal in April 2007 usually the wettest part of the year. High pressure swarms in (Santa Ana conditions) and pushes away the rain clouds that do move in periodically. The weather systems are are totally out of whack, causing imbalances everywhere. Some areas are inundated by massive excessive rainfall while other areas are getting none whatsoever. I think we're headed for the worst, hottest, driest summer ever in history here and maybe the whole year. I predict there will be a sizeable earthquake by or before mid-summer in Southern California.

  4. Tina says:

    so what is your point excatly?
    That we aren't responsible for any of this and that this is all becuase of “end of ice age”?
    Well, who's causing the end of the ice age?
    Look, this isn't just happening just becuase the sun suddenly decides to “spike” up it's heating power and melt us all—we the people actually did something to it first….

  5. Bob Peterson says:

    Chicken little couldn't be calmed either. Simply put, there is no evidence whatsoever that surface heat increases platonic movement. And just to throw out another point: humans are insignificant creatures. Nature is far more powerful than you or I ever will be. To think we can cause a global environmental event is arrogant, and you need to come back to earth. If what you claim is true, the end of the world is coming, then sit back and relax. Nothing anyone can do to stop it or even cause it.

  6. al says:

    i had the same thoughts as Mark. If you overheat something, eventually it will release the energy at some point. But I think, maybe a megavolcano is the only thing that can stop the global warming, as it would throw up enough ashes into the atmosphere to have no daylight on this earth for months/years, which will lead to rapid cooling and ice-building on the polar caps…..

  7. Anonymous says:

    you rock

  8. Anonymous says:

    i say we save our earth!

  9. Dr Adams says:

    Yes, global warming will probably cause more earthquakes. The earths circumference could increase by as much as 1km per degree celcius of global warming. This has every chance of causing platonic movement and hence more earthquakes.

  10. HoNG says:

    To be a qualified as a tiny creature on the Earth, we hv the responsibilities to protect it.
    I agree too, global warming is a problem without any previous historical records. If we let global warming to take its whole course in order to see its final effects(may be there have been unstoppable calamities here and there all over the world), I think it will be too late for us to reverse any damages done.
    SAve our Earth before we lose it forever:)

  11. Seeing The Big Picture says:

    To those who say we are too insignificant please take a moment to look around you. We're humans and among the other species that inherited planet earth we have the ability to see visions and create things that can affect life on earth. We're suppose to be innovative leaders but we are still growing and in this era man is ignorant, dependent and failing to take the responsibility to take it to the level.
    The signs are out there and on this planet. We all know that our sun will die someday but according to the books not in our time. The planets resources are not unlimited. We fly to the place we call space for a reason. No other species on our planet can do that. We take that for granted as if the technology came with the planet.
    We all know the sun will die and the earth has no unlimited resource. So then what? We're insignificant because when every child is born in these generations they are introduced to all these distractions and will not see the world or care for it until it's too late.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I hope you're right so you die

  13. Rebecca says:

    I doubt the earhquakes are caused by the global warming going on currently. When the magnetic poles are in the process of reversing (as they are now), earthquakes increase. It is seen in fossil records of past magnetic pole reversals.

  14. Mark says:

    "Plates at our planet's surface move because of the intense heat in the Earth's core that causes molten rock in the mantle layer to move"
    I'll ask you ? where is the earth's core energy came from ?
    Fact is, sun is the major source of heat and heat is energy. I believe there's a direct link.
    Global warming will only increase heat rate of our earth's core that's what happened unfortunately in Japan.
    There will be more earthquakes to come, be prepared, because our earth's energy distribution is not normal anymore.

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