America’s Last Roadless Forests Lose Federal Protection

President Bush has announced plans to open some 60 million acres of America's roadless national forests to road building and eventual commercial logging and other developments. Individual states are to be given the right to exempt national forests from a federal rule that bans roadbuilding and logging in some of America's most remote and unspoiled public land .
The Toxic Texan has again lied to the American people – by earlier claiming he intended to protect these forests – and now giving away the nation's natural resources to corporate interests. Only partly in jest, how I long for the days where President's lied about their private sex lives rather than preemptive unilateral war, controlling carbon emissions to stop climate change and now maintaining America's wild forest legacy.
P.S. Should you wish to comment on Mr. Bush's plan to log America's last wild forest landscapes, comments may be mailed during the next 60 days to Content Analysis Team, ATTN: Roadless State Petitions, USDA Forest Service, P.O. Box 221090, Salt Lake City, UT 84122, or e-mailed to: I would expect the comments to be ignored as they were previously. So comment with your vote as well.

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