Papua New Guinea’s Rainforests Are Going to Hell

Papua New Guinea's rainforests are going to hell. The government finances itself based upon clandestine sanctioning of illegal logging. The Malaysian timber mafia runs the country. The World Bank nears its third decade of failed sustainable forestry reforms. Local environmental groups posture and talk with little impact. Local peoples still view meager benefits from the razing of their forests as their best option for advancement. And after 15 years of service to PNG's rainforests, this activist sees little hope. The world's third largest rainforests have become a cesspool of ecological devastation, corruption, violence, and wasted development potential. Efforts to transition the timber industry to community based eco-forestry have faltered. The forces of death, greed and despair have won. PNG's rainforests are toast and its peoples doomed to poverty for the rest of time. Trangu, sari tumas.

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