Western America’s Forests at Crisis Point

America's western forests are in a deep crisis which nature intends to rectify. After years of fire suppression, over-harvest and now climate change induced drought, these forests are using disease and fire to cleanse themselves of the human stink. Efforts to log natural forests in order to restore them is simply the most recent misguided and potentially dangerous pseudo-management treatment. We will learn to live with nature – allowing large forests to do what forests do including burning and having pest epidemics – or we will perish

AP Wire | Drought, beetles may trump artificial forest thinning

Even as the nation devotes billions of dollars to artificially thinning crowded forests, a stressed-out Mother Nature is taking matters into her own hands on a catastrophic scale humans can't hope to match, scientists say. An epidemic of bark beetles is killing untold millions of trees from Alaska to Arizona. And an eight-year drought across the Southwest is killing many of the trees the beetles don't get.

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    Have you heard about Home Depots new wood purchasing policy? any opinions?

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