Time to Raise Gas Tax and Lower Income Tax

There exist a plethora of reasons why oil and gasoline taxes should be increased. Foremost, the cost of gasoline does not reflect its true price to society and the environment. Nor are alternatives likely to emerge in the presence of an under-priced, polluting and scare resource. I will be writing more on this shortly…
The 50¢-a-Gallon Solution
… the country would indeed be better off if gasoline taxes had been raised by 50 cents a gallon when Mr. Kerry favored the idea. And the United States would still be wise today, if it increased gasoline taxes by the same amount now.

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2 Responses

  1. John Savage says:

    Hey everyone! Oil isn't the problem. Getting Detroit auto makers to produce higher mileage and alternate fuels vehicles is. The prodction of alternate fuels has increased, where-as the auto makers aren't producing vehicles that can use these fuels. And for everyones' information, Catapillar company has fuel formulas to produce either gasoline or diesel fuels from 55 % water. The cost to convert an existing car is 200-$500 dollars. And Volvo car company before Ford bought it, had developed a safey plastic car that got 50 miles per gallon in town, and one hundred miles per gallon on the open road. And Ford Motor company has over fifteen engine types sitting on the shelf.
    55% water fuels! Would seem Detroit could scape most of the air polution equipment on the standard auto, or diesel engine. To say nothing about cleaning up the air of green-house gases. Fuel shortage??? BS! Manipulation of the publics' minds and pocket-books. Z97.

  2. J. Savage says:

    Hey America! Time to fire one president, vice president, and elect a totally new Congress!
    And you can't change things by voting for the Republican-Democratic Party. Just the same people and the same problems. And you certainly can't change things by voting for people that they want you to vote for. A skunk is still a skunk. Has anyone ever wondered what goes on in those secret meetings,no public allowed meetings, or press? It certainly isn't for peoples best interests, is it! It's time people woke up isn't it! Time people realized there are alot more of the people, than them. Those who lurk in the shadows, in their secret meetings deciding what the price of gasoline will be, or who they will run for Congress, or president. And don't say you can't do anything about things. That is exactly what they want you to think. You don't have to tear down city hall, but you also don't have to vote for people they pick for you, or do exactly what they want you to do. Find ways to do whats' right for all of us, not them. Its' surprising what people can do quietly to make things better for all of us, not them. And don't you think that sending your children to fight in wars they create for their profit, ought to end also? How many more white crosses do we need, and how many more empty chairs at the dinner table are needed? Like Carl Sandburg once asked, When will people stop going to wars they create? Z97.

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