Final Proof on Climate Change

There is no doubt that climate change is occuring. Climate skeptics will now try to protect their industrial interests by arguing we need to adapt to the change. The magnitude of the human impact is so severe that overemphasis upon adaptation would be a grave mistake. While there is still a small window of opportunity, the emphasis must be upon restructuring the economy to quickly and dramatically lower emissions.
Scientists claim final proof of global warming
POWERFUL evidence for global warming has been discovered by scientists funded by the US Government, demolishing the chief argument of sceptics who deny that the phenomenon is real.
A new analysis of satellite data has revealed that temperatures in a critical part of the atmosphere are rising much faster than previously thought, strengthening the scientific consensus that the world is warming at an unnatural rate. The discovery resolves one of the most contentious anomalies in climate science, which has often been invoked by the Bush Administration to question whether man-made global warming is happening.

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