Bush’s Roadless Rule Reversal Threatens Wildlands

President Bush is an ecological idiot savant. All the requirements of American civilization flow from the land and other ecosystems. The President is intent upon liquidating every last bit of wild nature. He must be stopped, these areas protected, and the age of ecological restoration ushered in; whereby large natural forest wildlands are allowed to expand and adjoining areas helped to recover old-growth characteristics.
Reversal of Roadless Rule Could Devastate National Forests
Potential changes by the Bush administration to the roadless rule threaten to destroy the pristine and wild character of more than 32 million acres of public land, according to a series of reports released by a forest advocacy group.

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23 Responses

  1. Lucas says:

    Where is this land that is in danger of being captured and what kind of animals inhabit the area?

  2. Stacey Ryan says:

    Hey, I was just wondering in what ways can i help stop this from happening? And what places are they planing to cut down?

  3. Jill says:

    Hi I am doing a school research project. I am against Bush’s approval of ruining forest and recreation. What exactly are people going to do with this land?

  4. Itay.S says:

    Why is he doing that?
    And what can we do to prevention his actions??

  5. Alex says:

    Why is it important to have a roadless rule

  6. alex says:

    what types of trees could be effected?

  7. Alex Dickerson says:

    Since there is a growing population in the U.S., do you think the roadless rule will allow the population to be more spread out and help prevent overpopulation?

  8. Katie says:

    How do you plan on helping saving the land that we still have left and stopping Bush from destroying everything?

  9. Anonymous says:

    What does Bush want to do with the land when the Roadless Rule is gone?

  10. Daniel says:

    I do not have much knowledge on this subject, but from what ive seen and heared, im wondering how Bush is succeeding, and what he is exactly planning to do with this land.

  11. dana says:

    is there anything specific that bush wishes to build on the land he plans to plow down or is it just all for random businesses?

  12. Maddie Filderman says:

    why are people cutting down so many trees? it`s effecting many habitats and it is causing many creatures to have to leave.

  13. Sean says:

    you're right, the president doesnt care about the enviroment, and we as a country should be taking steps to protect the ecosystem.

  14. Levi Thorngate says:

    I was wondering if the lands talked about in this rule are agriculturly wealthy?

  15. Sean says:

    Why do you think that the roadless rule reversle is such a hazard to the environment thought?

  16. Lindsay Puckett says:

    How will the wildlife live with this act repealed?

  17. Mike says:

    Why is hasn't George Bush done anything about this before?

  18. Beau says:

    What will happen if we do decide to build roads? Will it effect our wildlife in vast ways?

  19. Travis Shep says:

    Why isn't George W. getting some advice or thoughts on the Roadless Rule that Bill Clinton installed????????????? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

  20. lillians ludicrous says:

    in what ways can we as a country help protect the wildlife against the government? and what is being done to inforce recycling in the major paper consuming corporations?

  21. Beau G says:

    What will happen if these roads are built? How will it effet our wild life? And does anyone know where mermaid man or banracleboy is?

  22. Tom says:

    What is the risk to animals and wildlife in general due to this act?

  23. Eric says:

    Does this affect forests only in the US or in other countries where their forests are at a risks of extinction?

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