Liar, Liar Bush on Fire

The Toxic Texan assails the intelligence of every thinking American (himself excluded) by stating he has implemented important environmental policies. On the contrary, he has gutted and eliminated hundreds of important environmental polices ranging from carbon dioxide and mercury to clean water and roadless forests. Do not trust the snake – promises to protect and restore wetlands are election year grandstanding that will soon be forgotten – like pledges to regulate carbon dioxide and fund national parks were last election. What a joke.

Bush Pledges Wetlands Expansion, Restoration

President George W. Bush touted a new wetlands restoration plan on Thursday and said he understands his responsibility to conserve and improve the nation's natural resources. Speaking at an Earth Day event at a Maine nature reserve, Bush said he has enacted “some of the most important anti-pollution policies in a decade” and has improved the condition of America's land, air and water – a statement refuted by environmentalists.

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