Salvage Logging Destroys Forests

Amongst the American government there remains an obstinate refusal to incorporate ecological science. Intensive post-fire salvage logging mines forests of their potential to regenerate. A burned forest is fertile ground for rebirth – remove the nutrients and a much reduced landscape of vegetational communities will emerge.
The New York Times > National > Amid a Forest's Ashes, a Debate Over Logging Profits Is Burning
For 120 days in 2002, a colossal wildfire scarred a half-million acres of Southern Oregon and Northern California, leaving behind a charred landscape that has turned into fertile soil for a conflict over how to manage the public forests.
The Forest Service's plan for a large salvage logging operation on the site of wildfire, called the Biscuit fire, is reopening old wounds and threatens to undercut the shaky truce between environmentalists and the timber industry.

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