Tasmanian Mayhem as Australia’s Ancient Forests Chipped to Make Cardboard

Tasmania, Australia's ancient forests, which contain the world's tallest hardwood trees, some more than 400 years old, are being turned into wood chips and shipped to Japan to make cardboard. This can be added to the environmental tragedies – listed in my recent diatribe – that are contributing to global ecological collapse. Not only is clearcutting old-growth hardwood destructive and wasteful – it is Evil, Stupid and Deadly. These forests regulate climate, cycle water, contain innumerable species and genes, and contribute immeasurably to global ecological sustainability. Australia's callous treatment of its ecological heritage – and Japan's complicity in their use – is shocking and revolting. The article below updates our earlier efforts to support those putting their lives on the line to protect Australia's ancient forests – see
http://weblog.greenpeace.org/tasmania/ for more information.
P.S. I pledge to continue speaking eco-truth to power – whether it seems intemperate, lacking in objectivity, or leads to feelings of hopelessness. From truth comes hope informed by knowledge necessary to craft solutions.

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