Toxic Texan to Log America’s Last Old-Growth

President Bush has opened up America's last much reduced old-growth forests to increased logging. He has eliminated protections for endangered species as a response to forest fires, which are largely natural, though exacerbated by past overly intensive management and climate change. Allowing logging of America's last ancient forests caps a record setting month of environmental rollbacks that included ensuring mercury continues to enter our air and water and gutting funding for National Parks. Such actions have deservedly earned the President the moniker of “Toxic Texan”.
The Toxic Texan, and the oil oligarchy cabal that props him up, epitomize the dangerous American ideal that economies and political stability are distinct from natural ecological systems. America's perpetuation of an empty and illusory
worldview – that gluttonous consumption of resources is a desirable lifestyle – threatens the very basis of biological life. The old-growth forests that will now surely be logged are some of the last vestiges of non-human structured natural
ecosystems found in America. They contain evolutionary, ecological and genetic knowledge and processes that are irreplaceable – indeed priceless.
Ancient forest cathedrals bursting with pure and vibrant life are to be made into throw away consumer items. This is pure and unadulterated evil. While no political party has yet enunciated a compelling message adequate to pursue and achieve environmental sustainability – it is imperative that the Toxic Texan's reign of ecocide and ecoterror end as soon as possible – if only to slow the damage and buy humanity time to reform its ways.

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