Why We Campaign: Remembering Easter Island and Species We Have Lost

Biological life and ecological processes, the bedrock of human existence, are being recklessly destroyed. Evidence abounds regarding human impact upon life and the global ecological system. Historically we know that Easter Island was transformed by humans from a lush, diverse habitat into a depauperate ecosystem. Easter Islands represents an extreme example of forest destruction – including starvation and crashing populations as plant and animal materials required for life were no longer available. This process is repeating itself across the globe as natural habitat is lost and diminished everywhere it exists and there is a buck to be made doing so. Ecologists inform us that one in eight of the world's bird species are threatened with extinction and several hundred are already gone forever. Birds are recognized as “indicator species” meaning what happens to them now is likely to happen to other forms of life later. The fate of Easter Island and the World's birds indicates “a fundamental flaw in the way that we treat our environment” that threatens the existence of innumerable species including our own. The Earth is dying at our hand. As go the trees and the birds shall go the humans. This is why we campaign for sustainable, just and equitable ways of living – and against the horrors of the natural resource fed global growth machine.

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