Asthma Rampant

Its the air stupid (and the water, forests and oceans) that make the Earth habitable. No air, no economy. Air pollution threatens so many things and is entwined with questions of climate change, energy dependence, poverty and sustainability. Bet the rich kids whose dads pump out the air pollution have great asthma medicines.
Planet Ark : Study: Asthma Rampant Among Homeless NY Children
Roughly two out of five homeless children in New York City have asthma and some go undiagnosed and untreated, researchers said yesterday.

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  1. Stacey says:

    Asthma is a growing concern for many and it is unfortunate that those who are forced to live on the streets are receiving the buttend of this, but it is wrong to only blame the “rich” in a way we are all guilty… unless you live in a teepee and only eat your own orgainic food I asure you that you to are a contributing factor in this growing concern! I would also like to remind you that asthma is not only caused by the outside environment but your household, your workplace, and even schools are also a contributor. With poor ventilation and subpar air filtering systems, many are suffering both in and outdoors.

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