Malaysian Timber Industry Misconduct: Express Shock, Support Boycott

Malaysian timber cartels threaten the existence of most of the World's remaining primary rainforests through predatory logging and marketing of illegal timber. Described as “robber barons”, Malaysian timber interests and their government apologists trample upon human rights, national sovereignty, the rule of law, and biodiversity and ecosystems. Hypocritically, Malaysia is now hosting the “Conference of Parties” to the Biodiversity Treaty, charged with finding solutions to biodiversity and forest loss.
Only twenty percent of the Earth's original forest cover remains as large intact areas, with more than a third of these under threat. Malaysian logging interests have gained notoriety as the most aggressive and damaging industrial loggers of ancient forests. An example is Rimbunan Hijau of Malaysia which has been exposed as one of the major players in global forest crime. In Papua New Guinea (PNG), Malaysian logging companies routinely resort to corruption and human rights abuses to carry out environmentally and socially damaging first time industrial logging of ancient primary forests. Illegal trade in ramin enabled by Malaysian timber interests threatens some of Indonesia's last remaining national parks and endangered species including orangutans and the Sumatran tiger.
Demand that the Malaysian government cease its obstruction of efforts to conserve, preserve and sustainably use forest biodiversity. Insist Malaysia commit to eradicating illegal logging and related trade, and respect of indigenous rights in Malaysia and worldwide. Call upon the Malaysian government to use their hosting of the meeting to galvanize a specific, adequately funded and time-bound agenda to end deforestation and degradation of forests and biodiversity. Let Malaysia's government know that failure to do so will mean a boycott of Malaysian products and travel.

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