Support Creation of Maine North Woods National Park

A message of hope is emerging from Maine's northern forests, as a major new U.S. National Park – Maine North Woods National Park – is proposed for its expansive forests. The window of opportunity in Maine is short and the need to move for strict long-term protection is now.
America and other overdeveloped countries have deeply overshot the amount of land that can be developed without adverse ecological impacts – including droughts, soil erosion, increased fire frequency and intensity, increased threat from emergent diseases, and other symptoms of sick land. Over emphasis upon reckless development and intensive management of natural habitats – reducing wild nature to a few small “protected areas” – can and must be stopped and reversed.
There are still opportunities across America and the World to preserve and restore the vast tracts of intact habitat necessary for the sustainable existence of most species including humans. Anyone that drinks water, breathes or eats must acknowledge the importance of large-scale forest protection. The most massive tasks to ever face humanity loom before us – restoring overdeveloped landscapes and finding ways to protect remaining large habitats before they too become fragmented and weak.
Increased large and connected protected areas embedded within a framework of productive lands under conservation management are a prerequisite for human survival. Both Muir and Pinchot were correct – we need protected AND conserved lands. However it is clear that protection on the scale necessary to ecologically sustain land has lagged.
Proposals such as a Maine North Woods National Park begin to redress this imbalance. Please request that the National Park Service complete an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the possibility of establishing a new 3.2 million acre Maine Woods National Park and Preserve surrounding Baxter State Park in north-central Maine. This is in support the campaign of RESTORE: The North Woods.
The era of restoration ecology and economy is upon us. It is incumbent upon humanity that the will be found to let major parts of the land rest, and society learn to live as if humanity is forever.

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  1. John Fidel says:

    Im 17 years old, and I support the Maine Woods National Park. The intact ecosystem of the park would provide a habitat for wildlife and serve as a valuable source of recreation for generations to come. Since most of the major forests of the eastern united states have vanished, we would be foolish not to seize this incredible oppurtunity. We have a chance to preserve one of the largest intact forest in the eastern United States . I dont want to grow up in a culture free from forests and wildlife.

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