Bush’s War in the Woods: Resistance Is Fertile

The Orwellian “Healthy Forests Initiative” threatens 70 percent of America's publicly owned forests with logging without meaningful environmental protections. One would think that forests had never burned before, and that before there was industrial logging forests were unhealthy. The policy resulted from President Bush's resource industry oligarchy in collusion with Democrats and Republicans, and continued ineffectual opposition by mainstream corporate greens.
The Counterpunch article entitled Bush's Second Front: The War in the Woods: Resistance is Fertile outlines resurgence in grassroots forest advocacy – really the only hope for the World's forests. From Virginia to Oregon, citizen activism on behalf of America's forests is alive and fertile. 100% of America's proposed new timber sales are being monitored by grassroots forests conservationists. The author concludes, “[a]ll the pieces are in place for a spirited and successful defense… It's now or never for many of these public-owned forests and the species dependent upon them. The time is long overdue for a moratorium on any logging on public lands.” Pick an effort and join in!

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