N. America, Europe to Cool as World Warms?

There is no contradication in saying areas may get colder as in whole the globe warms. The nature of complex climate system interactions and feedbacks is such that ice, water, oceans, land and the atmosphere may interact in such a manner as to drastically change the ecosystem processes that had been responsible for climatic patterns. An example is the possible “shut down of the gulf stream” caused by more fresh water flowing into the North Atlantic from melting glaciers. This may lead to a much colder North America and Europe while the globe on average is warmer. Climate change is fundamentally about the destruction of relatively stable ecological processes and resultant chaotic climate patterns. The confusion on this issue results from the widespread acceptance of “global warming” rather than “climate change” to describe the phenomena of anthropogenic impacts upon climate.
CNN.com – N. America, Europe to cool as world warms? – Jan. 21, 2004
Parts of Europe and North America could get drastically colder if warming Atlantic ocean currents are halted by a surprise side-effect of global warming…

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