No Sustainability Without Population Reductions

Without reductions in human population numbers, the Earth and human civilization have little chance of being sustained. The death grip of the Catholic church must be shattered, and contraceptives made readily available to any individual that wants them. Education for women and various incentives for small family sizes are a global ecological imperative.
Planet Ark : Brazilian City to Mail the Pill to Needy Women
The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, notorious for its teeming slums, will mail contraceptive pills free of charge to women, including teenagers, in poor neighborhoods.

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  1. Perhaps you and your colleagues can assist me and my generation of elders to understand what behavior changes might be required of us so that a good enough future can be granted to our children by responding to the following questions.
    Please take a moment to explain what you expect will occur that results in the stabilization of population numbers of the human species on Earth in the year 2050, given the fully anticipated young age distribution of a global population of 9+/- billion people at that time? What do you suppose billions of fertile young people, who are expected to be capable of reproducing in mid-century, will be doing with their sexual instincts and drives other than what human beings have been doing during the past several thousand years?

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