Forests and Lakes Connected

Whenever one starts observing an ecosystem, it quickly becomes apparent that most ecological systems are connected to various degrees with all others. Links between terrestrial ecosystems and climate – signifying exchange of nutrients and energy – have been known for some time. A recent study partly carried out at my own University of Wisconsin has found lakes are intimately integrated with surrounding ecosystems. It is good to see this scientific reinforcement of what any good “dark green” knows by ecological intuition. All of being is connected. Each species loss or ecosystem diminishment diminishes not only the whole, but also coupled parts. The ecological fabric of being is fraying – dangerously so for all creatures that depend upon each other. It is the task of our age to reverse these trends and mend the Earth.
JS Online: Study links lakes to ecosystem
Lakes are not isolated communities. Instead, they require input – in the form of carbon – from the grasses, trees and plants surrounding them.

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