Planting of Biotech Crops Sees Sharp Growth

With some 18% of the world's crops now genetically modified, the World has embarked upon a global experiment with broad implications. Once again wholesale implementation of a scientific discovery divorced largely from social, economic and ecological factors is occuring. It is yet to be seen to what degree genetic pollution, highly invasive super weeds, adverse health impacts and further commercialization of local food supplies will undermine traditional agricultural, ecological and social systems. They are certain to do so, and as with the green revolution, put off population constraints but not remove them. Along with wholesale activities which promote climate change and biodiversity loss, embracement of genetic modification of our food represents a form of russian roullette, whereby traditional options such as known climate patterns and plant stocks are foreclosed without knowing all the facts. I prefer organic foods – I know them.
MSNBC – Report: Biotech crops see sharp growth
Genetically engineered crop plantings increased 15 percent last year despite continued consumer resistance in Europe and elsewhere, according to a group that promotes use of the technology in poor countries.

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