Bush’s Gutting of Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency Rules Rejected

Why is it that “compassionate conservatism” has come to be synonymous with conspicuous energy consumption? Despite “conservation” and “conservative” having the same word root, the Bush administration repeatedly seeks to obstruct energy efficiency, conservation and innovation – instead seeking to prolong the era of deadly overuse of fossil fuels through subsidies to the energy industry. Thankfully, his recent attempt to halt mandatory increases in the energy efficiency of air conditions has been rejected by the courts. Of course Bush's repeated pro-energy policy proposals have nothing to do with political favors, and are in the interest of most Americans and the World. Not.
Softer Energy Rule by Bush Rejected
A federal appeals court on Tuesday overturned a rule, announced early in the Bush administration, that would have weakened the Clinton administration's energy efficiency standard for home air conditioners.

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