Tongass Forest Travesty, Stealth Holiday Environmental Attack

The Bush administration has opened 300,000 more acres of Alaska's Tongass National Forest to road building, logging and other development – continuing a holiday tradition of stealthily announcing regressive environmental policy. The last great American temperate rainforest wilderness is to be gutted. The area being opened includes many of the forest's oldest trees coveted by the timber industry, the most valuable watersheds, as well as an extraordinary collection of wildlife. And because these acres are distributed among 50 different logging projects, the new roads required to reach them will inevitably violate even more of the forest. U.S. taxpayers will pay the bill for timber sales which will bring in less revenue than the cost of preparing the sales and building roads, and for which there is little market for the timber. “Paying to build and maintain more roads to cut more trees no one wants is suspect public policy.” President Bush is an environmental extremist – liquidating America's ecosystems for the benefit of his cronies. His behavior threatens the ecological sustainability of the Earth.

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