Clearcut Cowboy Targets Peaceful Rainforest Protest

The illegal mahogany trade has had devastating effects on the Amazon rainforest. The trade is largely driven by American demand for fancy timbers, and Greenpeace and others have protested this important link for years. In yet another brazen attempt to undermine civil liberties (under the fog of self-fulfilling perma-war), the “Clearcut Cowboy” is using an obscure “sailor mongering” law to stifle peaceful civil disobedience by Greenpeace.
The indictment is the first time a non governmental organization has been charged for free speech activities of its members. Greenpeace had been protesting entry of illegal mahogany – under U.S. law it is illegal to import mahogany that has been illegally exported. Rather than “indicting Greenpeace for blowing the whistle on illegal smuggling, our government should be intercepting the contraband and prosecuting the smugglers.”
This case clearly illustrates the Bush administration's contempt for the environment and civil liberties, and misuse of power for a political vendetta. Along with the “Patriot Act”, pre-emptive war, and contempt for global society and the environment – these policies hint of modern day fascism in America – properly defined as authoritarian government closely aligned with business interests.
Who will Ashcroft's army come for next? During the Nazi era and other times of evil imperial power, people often kept silent as long as they were not targeted. Bush's prosecution of Greenpeace – which threatens their non-profit status – is a “threat to all Americans (and indeed the world)… selective prosecution of a group like Greenpeace merely because the government disagrees with its point of view would set a devastating precedent.” Silence in the face of Bush fascism will mean loss of liberty, resource driven war, and the death of the Earth and many of its inhabitants – including humankind. Stop Bush.

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