Toxic Texan Leaves No Wilderness Behind

The Rocky Mountain Front in Montana is one of the last
major wilderness landscapes in continental America. As
such, it should come as no surprise that President Bush
is aggressively seeking to open these lands to oil and
gas drilling
. In August, the Bush administration told
federal land managers to remove bureaucratic and
environmental restrictions to drilling in seven Western
areas, including the Rocky Mountain Front. The Toxic
Texan's new campaign slogan might as well be “leave
no wilderness behind”.
The extent to which the energy industry controls the
reigns of American government is shocking and
frightening. In addition to opening federal lands to
oil industry buddies, recent weeks have seen
roll-backs on clean air law enforcement, and an
energy policy based upon billions in subsidies to a
veritable whose-who of corporate welfare, fossil
fuel industry fatcats. America desperately needs
an energy policy that does not extinguish large,
operational ecosystems from home and abroad;
and which is forward looking, emphasizing
conservation and renewable energy. This is not
likely to occur while the oil oligarchy and military/
industrial complex are in charge. Forest
conservationists are encouraged to make oil
drilling in Rocky Mountain wilderness lands a
major campaign focus.

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