Conflict Timbers and China

Myanmar's forests are being ravaged by logging fueled by voracious
demand in China. Illegal logging of the World's last ancient
forests continues to fuel war, and social and environmental
collapse. Ill-gotten “conflict timbers” end up in a variety of
markets. China, however, with its huge appetite for timber and
deadly history of over-cutting its own forests is responsible for
much of Asia's conflict ridden illegal logging. China's widely
proclaimed concern for the environment apparently ends at its own
borders, as it imports timbers and other raw materials with little
if any concern for its origin or methods of extraction.
The articles below focus upon Burma's rich ecological heritage
being razed by autocratic madmen and opposing armies – mostly for
sale to China and Thailand. Similar situations of “conflict
timbers” financing and fueling wars can be found in Liberia,
Indonesia and to a lesser extent in many of the World's remaining
frontier forests.
Decades of reform efforts have failed – commercial logging of the
world's remaining primary and frontier forests must end – if
humanity has a chance of achieving a just, equitable and
sustainable future.
It is unethical, immoral and evil for any other than local people
using community-based eco-forestry techniques on their lands to
manage portions of the World's last great forest shrines. A good
beginning to ending such practices would be sanctions on countries
exporting and importing conflict timbers – including middle-men
such as Malaysia which benefits handsomely from illegal logging.
Predatory rainforest plundering is not development – it is evil
and may well contribute to global ecocide.

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