Create World Heritage Site for New Caledonia’s Plants, Reefs & Peoples

Land conditions impact water and ocean quality. One of the
richest terrestrial ecosystems in the World exists in New
Caledonia, side by side and entwined with some of the richest
coral reefs on the Planet. As are their ecological processes,
their fates are deeply entwined. Following is an alert to have
this cauldron of biological life declared a World Heritage Site.
Land and its misuse is also a primary component of climate
change, which feeds back and further degrades land, water and
oceans. Such insights lead us into macro-ecological and global
change science – a perspective from which the interplays of large
scale ecosystem types and their flows of nutrients and energy,
emerges a whole new phenomena – the global ecological system.
The elusive concept of sustainability's most meaningful aspects
are found at such spatially extensive scales. Unless we address
energy policy, over-fishing, water scarcity, forest conservation
and climate change all at once – and in an interdisciplinary way
that goes right to the heart of diagnosing the failings of human
civilization in terms of ecology, equity, justice and
sustainability – all will be lost. But the battles for global
ecological sustainability, equity and justice have only just
commenced. We shall overcome greed, ignorance and evil in order
to fashion a new World of plants and humankind in harmony.

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