Forests Burn Making Baby Forests

Most forests burn periodically and from the ashes come new, baby
forests. In forests that have become adapted to fires, the
absence of fire for some period frequently means subsequent fires
are more severe. Thus it has been for millennia.
Forest fires are natural phenomena – you can not have one without
the other – and after even the most severe fires, forests are
renewed (remember Yellowstone?). While we have become aware that
suppression of forest fires was not a good idea, historically
there have certainly been periods of a century or longer where
climatic conditions had the same impact. And when the climate
heated up and dried out again, the forests burned more intensely.
Thus it has been for millennia.
Emperor Bush and his court assert that only heavy commercial
logging of fire-prone forests
can stop them from burning. The
now in vogue concept of logging forests to save them is yet
another mistake that will lead to even more frequent and
catastrophic forest fires. The resulting road construction,
piles of logging debris, loss of large old trees – to say nothing
of climate change – is certain to further exacerbate the problem.
Each of the areas that have burned recently in the United States
will, as Yellowstone did, recover if left to their own devices.
If they are logged for salvage, their soil is disrupted by
logging machinery, and/or roads bring grasses and exotic plants –
they very well may not recover and will be more likely to burn
unnaturally. Human beings are part of nature, and need large
natural and relatively intact ecosystems to survive. This
requires allowing for forest renewal. Thus it has been for
Forest policy must move beyond the pathology of command and
control solutions under the false notion that humans are above
nature. The time to: 1) end logging of old-growth and primary
forests in America and worldwide
, 2) control housing sprawl in
natural forests susceptible to fires, and 3) let fires burn that
do not threaten communities while carrying out prescribed burns
and forest thinning near settlements; are all long past due.
Once again an emperor has no clothes and a proclivity for lying.
Thus it has been for millennia.

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