Take to the Trees & Streets: Stop Bush Ecocide and Warmongering

President George Bush is an eco-terrorist and war criminal. We
are witnessing the most environmentally and socially damaging
American Presidency ever – precisely when global ecological and
security crises require reasoned, thoughtful global vision and
leadership. Americans in particular need to decide whether they
will remain silent – as much of Germany did as Hitler sought to
rule and decimate the World. Americans and the rich World in
general must decide if they can give up a bit of their wealth –
and risk protesting America's unjust and unsustainable policies –
so others may simply live.
In response to the Bush administration's forest management
policies that are opening America's forests to the timber
industry, some of the forest conservation movement's most ardent
activists are preparing for civil disobedience – literally taking
to trees to protect our ecological heritage
. Protection of
America's roadless forests – an important symbolic precedent for
the World, by highlighting the need for spatially extensive
ecosystems for regional sustainability – continues to be undone
on the President's command. Again and again environmentalists
have pleaded with the Bush administration to protect roadless
forests, support CO2 reductions, and to generally come down on
the side of environmental sustainability.
President Bush's response? This week the Bush administration
shut down the President's email account
. Those who want to send
a message to the president must now navigate as many as nine Web
pages and fill out a form that asks if they support White House
policy. Earlier the Forest Service was commanded to disregard
email communications on rule changes.
When an imperial and unelected national leader commits
environmental, war and other crimes – shutting out the voice of
those that dissent – there is no alternative but to protest, and
protest hard. I would suggest that regressive forest and other
environmental policy, obstinately obstructing the Kyoto climate
consensus, and preemptively invading another country under false
pretenses – among other injustices – is grounds for impeachment.
Until this occurs, or regime change comes about during the next
election, those that love the Earth and its peoples must be
heard. Forests.org calls upon all right-thinking people to
support and participate in non-violent civil disobedience in
protest of unjust, unwise, unsustainable and perhaps illegal
activities by the Bush oil oligarchy.
President Bush threatens the Planet and all its peoples by
utterly failing to diagnose the World's problems and enunciate
progressive solutions. It is critical at this juncture in
history that we take to the streets and demand America be given
back to the people, and that just and equitable means of
combating terrorism and human want take precedent over war-
making. America needs leadership that promotes equitable, just
and ecologically sustainable development as the basis for global
security and peace. Organize, protest and be heard.

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