Address Global Poverty or the Forests & Humanity Are Coming Down

There can be no future for the Earth or humanity if a relative few live in affluent
opulence while much of the rest suffer grinding, violent poverty. The global
disparity in wealth is horrific. My outspoken advocacy for habitat protection as
a critical component of global ecological sustainability is not at odds with
poverty alleviation, economic equity or social justice. Each is an element of
revolutionary change required to sustain the Planet and maximize the human
race's long-term potential.
Failure to establish more equitable patterns in trade, improve corporate
conduct, promote complete debt relief, end agricultural subsidies in rich
countries and provide massive grant based development aid that promotes
environmentally sensitive self-sufficiency (among other measures) will certainly
mean all the World's forests are coming down, climate will spiral chaotically,
water will be scarce and the oceans depleted. Likewise, failure to maintain
large forests and other important global ecosystems, conserve already
managed habitats, and begin the age of restoration will only exacerbate
poverty and escalate rates of human suffering and ecological collapse.
Global poverty and ecological decline are both indicative of failing political,
economic and social structures. Neither will be successfully addressed without
progress on the other; failure on either resulting in resource wars, terrorism by
both the rich and poor, widespread ecological system failures, and an end to
civilized comforts for those that have them. Industrial resourcism is failing to
meet basic human needs in much of the World. A new paradigm – ecologism –
is required to integrate political economy with ecological sustainability.
To say that protection of nature is anti-human and dismissive of poverty is
simply wrong. Without functioning ecological systems there can be no hope of
realizing the dream of enough for the many forever.

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    what land does the roadless law effect. and how will it effect the people/land arround it

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