AUSTRALIA: Tasmania’s Old Growth Rainforest Logging

Shamefully, old growth rainforest logging continues in Tasmania, Australia.
These ecosystems, which include forests with the tallest hardwood trees in the
world, are being converted into woodchips and sent to Japan for processing.
Recently Tasmania's government announced planned massive increases in old
growth logging in Tasmania. The heart of Australia's most significant temperate
rainforest ecosystem – known as the Tarkine” – is to be opened up to logging.
The cool temperate rainforests of Tasmania are local, national and international
natural treasures; not raw material for throw away consumer products.
Commercial old growth rainforest logging anywhere in the World is immoral,
unethical and ecocidal. In Australia, it is all this, and with just .5% of the land
mass containing rainforests, just plain stupid as well. Concern for the well-
being of forest dependent communities is not demonstrated by industrially
logging and wastefully consuming their resources. Community development
and advancement comes from sustained commitment to empower local
communities to benefit in the long-term preservation and community-based
conservation of their standing forests.
Protecting Tasmania's ancient-forest heritage is an Australian and global
ecological imperative. Ongoing and planned industrial liquidation of Tasmania's
old-growth forests for paper pulp is grotesque and pure evil – indicative of
humanity's lack of an environmental ethic. It must be stopped. Now.

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  1. danny says:

    hi u are cool stay wicked

  2. angel says:

    i am doing a thing about why tasmania should ban logging. why should they though?

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    Hey guys me and a couple of friends are doing an assignment on Logging of old growth forests and we got all the help we need from you guys!
    Carramar Primary School

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    Hi guys, i am doing a project on The Trakine Rainforest. i am wondering if you could help me with a question?
    if you could give me a bit of info that would be GREAT!!

  5. jarrod says:

    how much old growth forest will b left in 10 years time
    cheers jarrod

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