Bush No Friend to Planet – His War on Environment Must End

The Bush administration's environmental policies are absolutely horrific. He
and his supporters are winning wars, while losing the peace and the Planet.
Below are several updates on the Bush administration's continuing and
intensifying War on the Environment – and one effort to counteract his
dangerous forest policies.
The first outlines the depth and breadth of Bush's attacks on the environment; a
long list ranging from delisting of wilderness, increased logging, obstructing
Kyoto, failure to protect endangered species, and increasing air and water
President Bush is an equal opportunity polluter – never having met an
ecosystem that is not worth millions to already well-heeled political supporters.
Oh what I would give to enroll the President in Ecology 101 – assuming he
showed up and did his homework, he may understand that ecosystems are the
essential foundation of life. I will say it again; no ecology, no economy (or
anything else for that matter).
The second article updates our report earlier this week that the Bush
administration had withdrawn an interim directive
allowing U.S. roadless forest
protections to stand from the moment. Rest assured this is a pre-election
gambit to not draw more attention to his abysmal environmental record. Bush
and his industry cronies covet the energy and timber in these forests, and they
will continue to stealthily work to destroy America's natural wonders and life-
giving ecosystems.
Protection for America's roadless forests will only be relatively secure when
protected by law. To this end, this week the National Forest Roadless Area
Conservation Act was introduced with bipartisan support in both houses of
Congress. If it becomes law, the bill would codify the Clinton era Roadless
Area Conservation Rule, more permanently protecting 58.5 million acres of
roadless areas in National Forests from road construction and most logging.
Now is the time to contact your representative in support of this measure, and
to begin organizing campaigns.
Recently Gale Norton, the U.S. Interior Secretary and high-priestess of ecocide,
announced that the Interior Department was suspending any new designations
of critical habitat for endangered and threatened species. The reason is lack of
funds, despite willful failure to ask for a supplemental appropriation to the
program's modest budget. The final piece provides more insight on this
announcement, and scathingly echoes my dismay regarding Bush's assault on
the Earth's life-support systems.
The modus operandi for the Bush administration's environmental assaults is
being all too clear and all too deadly. Under the clouds of perma-war, find
multiple manners to undo protections through devious backdoor means (no
funding, endless reviews, etc.), clouded in empty rhetorical proclamations such
as “healthy forests” to mean logging and “clear skies” for increased air
pollution. This brings to mind other classical nonsensical rhetoric including “War
is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength” (all which apply to
the Bush regime as well).
“The Bush administration has given up on the art of pretense. There are no
more illusions about its predatory attitude toward the environment. No more
airy talk about how financial incentives and market forces can protect
ecosystems… Now it's down to brass tacks. The Bush administration is steadily
unshackling every restraint on the corporations that seek to plunder what is
left of the public domain.”
There is nothing 'radical' about conservation, what is radical is Bush's war on
the environment. The dark side of President Bush's empire building has been
revealed; it is the U.S. running roughshod over America's and the Earth's
natural resources and all that would deny them access. The actions of Bush
and his cronies must not stand. Global ecological sustainability is threatened
from a number of quarters including our consumer behaviors. However, the
Bush administration threatens virtually every aspect of environmental
sustainability at previously unknown intensities.
President Bush is a dangerous man threatening humanity's shared
environmental heritage. I encourage you to resist, educate, organize, advocate
and agitate.

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  1. Megan says:

    Since i'm not well educated in the topic of Bush's new law enforcement, what kind of effect will this law have on each person individually and or on our soceity as a whole?

  2. Yes, the government needs to take active steps to safe guard the environment using its policies. While the common man can only go so far when it comes to saving energy, the policies formed by the government would have far reaching consequences that can dramatically impact the environment. We at the Climatarians directory run a web resource that helps people interested in saving the environment come together for a common cause.

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