Plants are Holy, Upon Which All Life Depends

All life depends upon plants. Without large and intact natural habitats – full of
native, evolving plant species hierarchically arrayed into communities,
landscapes and bioregions – life on Earth would little resemble its current state.
Plants have developed in tandem with the birds and the bees (and the ants –
see below – and most every animal species). In the most fundamental manner,
plants give us life. Thus, Plants are Holy, and deserving of the utmost
admiration, awe and respect.
The fact humanity does not know the number of species on the Earth to the
nearest order of magnitude is unforgivable. In particular, lack of resources and
attention given to basic plant taxonomy seriously threatens efforts to achieve
equitable, just and sustainable community development, as well as plant
conservation and protection.
Human societies – and all aspects of our sustenance, knowledge, art,
economies, and other endeavors – are utterly dependent upon plants and their
ecological patterns and processes. Deforestation, habitat fragmentation, exotic
species and over harvesting threaten plants, local and global ecological
sustainability, and thus your and my very being.
It is critical that humanity immediately embark upon a well-funded crash
program to complete a worldwide biodiversity inventory, counting and
classifying every living species. However, this is not enough. Rigorous and
ambitious conservation programs that seek to maintain viable populations of as
many plant and animal species as possible, as well as their emergent
community structures and ecosystem services, must be pursued simultaneously
and with great resolve.
Plant conservation is urgent and fundamental to determining the fate of
humanity, the Earth and ALL its creatures. There is no greater service to
humanity, or the Earth, than to know and conserve Plants. I call upon you
personally to take all measures required to study, cultivate, conserve, restore
and protect the Earth's plants.
With and For the Plants,

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