Juiced on SUVs and Prozac

Having battled depression for much of my life – largely caused by pain at
witnessing the demise of the Earth – I find the recent Opinion piece “Juiced on
SUVs and Prozac”
particularly clever and insightful. The silliness of SUV ads
which show happy, healthy people driving through luxurious natural settings,
when most SUV owners spend their time in traffic jams going to work or the
mall, is extremely illuminating and funny, while rightly damning the American
nightmare. The juxtaposition of increasingly unmeaningful lifes, the illusion of
happiness and tranquility portrayed by the SUV culture, and the increasing need
to drug ourselves with Prozac just to feel normal rings all too true.
Having just come off of Prozac myself, I am struck by the “emptiness of being”
in this ecocidal age. Thinking of millions of years of evolutionary history and
ecological pattern and process being plundered for the throw away society fills
me with rage – and alas depresses me. Increasingly I work to simplify my life
and find pleasure in the relatively little but real things – nature, family, fruitful
work and hobbies. This keeps me going. At nearly one year without an
automobile and living in a smaller household, I take pride in having escaped the
evil juggernaut of the American consumer society. Living more simply need not
equate with any lack of satisfaction. Nature, time and patience are the three
great physicians (a wise fortune cookie once told me). It is nice to not be
taking happy pills any longer. I can see the world without blinders, dedicate
myself to global ecological sustainability, and start by working to sustain myself
and be ok as the Earth burns.

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