Humans Are Driving Birds to Extinction

Humans are causing massive bird extinction, a component of the biggest
extinction event in 65 million years. According to Birdlife International, twelve
percent of the Planet's bird species face extinction this century. Habitat loss,
global warming and other human induced phenomena are threatening the
viability of most bird populations, driving many to extinction. It is inconceivable
that birds and most other types of life could be so threatened while human life
remains unaffected.
As go the birds, the plants and the planet will go the humans. Current
planetary biological trends do not portend a long or happy life for the human
family. The ecological fabric of being is being ripped asunder by humans who
wrongly think they are above it all. The task of our time is to individually and
collectively organize, educate, advocate (and if necessary agitate) for global
ecological sustainability. Do so as if your and your children's life depends upon
it. It does.

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  1. BirdAdvocate says:

    How right you are, Dr. Barry. Those not scared witless about man's chances for survival are ignoring a myriad of signs nature has been giving us.

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