Canada’s Boreal Forests: New Alarm Sounded

A report published in the journal Conservation Ecology finds that oil and natural
gas, along with logging, is inflicting major damage to Alberta's boreal forest
. It
is concluded that Canada's boreal old-growth stands – a globally important
ecosystem that spans a vast area – will be destroyed within decades.
The study – commissioned by a logging company – is the first to address the
collective regional impact of energy development and logging. This
combination threatens most remaining large and relatively intact forest
ecosystems around the World. It concludes wildlife, old-growth and jobs are all
threatened by unsustainable practices and patterns of industrial resource
harvest and use.
Canada's boreal forest wilderness is critically threatened with transformation to
industrial resource producing landscapes. This unprecedented and ongoing
resource boom is causing massive environmental devastation in Canada's
boreal forests. An author of the study states “[t]his is not the wild wilderness of
the north… The attitude that the forest can be all things to all interests is no
longer tenable, if indeed it ever was,” the article says. “Although the boreal
forest presents a seemingly endless expanse, it does in fact have limits and
they are now being reached.”
This is true for all the Earth's forest, atmospheric, aquatic and marine
ecosystems. The human family must face these ecological constraints before
nature takes care of the current environmental imbalance through starvation,
war and pestilence. One way or another ecological balance will be restored to
the Earth.

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