Bush Admin Thwarts Democracy, Blocking Pro-Environment Email

The U.S. Forest Service is blocking e-mail comments on proposed rule
changes that originate as form email or mail. Over past years Forests.org has
facilitated through its network the sending of hundreds of thousands of such
genuine messages in support of forest conservation. If you are a concerned
citizen that uses a web site to send comments to the U.S. Forest Service, they
do not want to hear from you.
This is in sharp contrast to the different treatment given to well-heeled timber
(and assuredly oil – only Cheney isn't talking) industry executives. The timber
industry has achieved unequalled access
to the forest policy making process.
They have successfully moved, against the wishes of most Americans, to
increase the amount of timber cut on the nation's forests – weakening
protections for wilderness, salmon, clean water, and old-growth forest ecosystems.
The Bush regime is unlawfully blocking public input to forest conservation policy
while agreeing to virtually all of industry's demands. By rejecting genuine
public comments regarding the importance of forest ecological sustainability,
democracy is being thwarted, while the Planet and its occupants continue to
careen towards global ecocide. This is an evil regime in the most selfish,
dangerous and profound sense.

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