War for Oil

I find it incomprehensible that anyone could deny that the Iraqi invasion is
largely motivated by the country's oil reserves. This war, nor the first gulf
war, would not have been fought if the country did not have what the United
States is dramatically addicted to – vast reserves of polluting, non-renewable
fossil fuels. I recently highlighted the connection between Consumption,
Militarism and Environmental Destruction. The U.S. empire has descended to
the point of militarily taking resources required for its reckless economic growth
machine. The are other more long-term, equitable and just policies for
maintaining energy security.
America must reduce the amount of energy it consumes. Carl Pope in an
editorial piece recently noted that “Energy Independence = Ounce of efficiency,
pound of freedom
“. He notes that more energy efficient cars are an
imperative, stating “[b]y raising our fuel-economy standards to 40 mpg, we can
improve our national security, cut global-warming pollution and start building a
safer, more sustainable world for our children”. America simply must come to
terms with its profligate energy usage. It is premature to celebrate declining
oil prices following U.S. military adventurism; for we will surely be paying the
price of cheap oil for centuries to come.

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