Paper & Forests: Action Against Office Max and Office Depot

Irresponsible marketing and consumption of paper products is a primary threat
to the World's forests. Recently Forest Ethics and other groups spearheaded a
successful campaign against Staples – securing initial commitments to recycled
papers and forest conservation. The campaign is now targeting Office Max
and Office Deport – calling upon these mega-forest consuming corporations to
shift significantly to recycled paper products, and to refuse products originating
from “endangered forests”.
This term – which has been used in other consumer based forest campaigns –
elicits some concern from me and others. It is purposefully vague in order to
find common ground, but in practice may include FSC or otherwise “certified”
industrial logging of primary and old-growth forests for throw away consumer
products. This is not acceptable.
With so little large, wild and ecologically intact forests remaining globally, we
must remain vigilant that ALL old-growth and primary forests are rightly
considered “endangered forests” and are not logged industrially, “certified” or otherwise.
Please partake in the day of action on April 24th which coincides with Earth
Day. This is a good forest campaign – get involved.

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