European Environmental Sustainability and Ecological Imperialism

European cultures have proven to be a biological scourge that along with their
immigrant populations have brought diseases, exotic plants and unsustainable
land use patterns to much of the World. European thought and colonialism is
directly responsible for ushering in global ecocide. As European landscapes
have been decimated and their sustainability is in question, one would think
they would begin to understand that natural systems are a precondition for
life, liberty and economies. Now Iceland plans to dam a major river in one
of Europe's last wilderness areas to produce aluminum
. Pure, unadultered
stupidity. Such ecosystem destroying projects in Europe and around the World
represent the final gasp of death for the Planet, and are the logical end result
of past and continuing European ecological imperialism. Europe should stop
the bullshit global environmental sustainability rhetoric and take care of
business at home – overfishing, Dam's in Spain as well, desertification and
ecologically restoring the continent.

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