Razing Forests to “Protect” Them

In a brazen effort to increase yields from National Forests, President Bush
is making an all out effort to couch increased commercial logging as the best
way to manage our forests
. The rhetoric of his “Healthy Forests” campaign is
shockingly hollow and Orwellian – asserting that aggressive logging of large
trees far from fire threatened communities is conservation. This is the amazing
thing about the Toxic Texan – if you say something and sound tough and
sincere enough, it makes it so. War is peace. America is against weapons of
mass destruction (unless they are ours). Logging protects forests from fire,
when in fact fire debris adds to forest health.
These are dangerous times – with such rampant ecological ignorance and the
continuing ascendency of the ecosystem destroying global growth machine. It
is clear that if the human family and Gaia – the global ecological nurturer – is to
survive, at some point the natural World may need to be defended using
whatever means prove necessary.

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