Synthetic Trees? How About Cutting Emissions, and Conserving the Real Thing

Leave it to human (dis)ingenuity to come up with “synthethic trees” as a means
to allow dumping of industrial pollution into the atmosphere to continue. This is
appalling. As the global ecological system continues to unravel due to industrial
practices being more prevalent than natural ones, it is simply wrong headed
to think more industrial activity will solve the problem. Ecosystems can not be
manufactured. There is no escaping the family of humanity's collective destiny –
either we will learn to conserve, protect and restore forests and other natural
ecosystems; while greatly reducing carbon emissions and developing renewable
energy sources, or we will perish.

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  1. Bryan Cox says:

    I have to disagree with the way you view this issue, Glen. You seem to see the “synthetic tree” as something that would replace the natural tree. The interesting potential of synthetic trees is that they can be implemented in areas that are not capable of supporting natural forests such as desert land or tundra. Obviously, we need to protect our natural forests, but in a rapidly changing environment we also need to explore every idea that might protect our climate and the ecosystems it supports. By turning deserts and tundra, enormous regions of the globe, into places that can assist our forests in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the synthetic tree and other ideas like it, may help save the natural ecosystems we still have.

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